Most people are aware of the illegal practice of selling
counterfeit and “knock off” goods.

Selling fake versions of genuine products is a common and widely recognized problem around the world.

Sale and trading of “grey market” products is a much less obvious problem and far more difficult to trace and prosecute.

Grey market goods are genuine branded products that are imported to a country through unauthorized and usually illegal means. These goods are not manufactured in the country where they are being sold, but have been sourced illegally from another nation where the goods are available at a price that is significantly less. This allows people to make a profit by selling these grey market goods illegally.

When grey market goods floods the shores of a country there are serious financial ramifications for legitimate businesses.


Not only does the practice have a financial impact, but there are also safety implications for the public, as these products often bypass safety regulations.

Bypassing these regulations can present a serious safety risk that could open legitimate companies up to legal problems. Global Credit Solutions has the international investigators and resources to provide thorough investigations into the sales of grey market goods.


GCS understands that to stop the sale of grey market goods you must target the entire supply chain. Most grey market investigations focus on the demand side of the supply chain but we at GCS take the extra step of going to the source. We take a “boots on the ground” approach with investigators in 90+ countries worldwide. This allows our team to follow up on leads and trails of evidence to any corner of the globe. We aim to identify the international suppliers of grey market goods, so future losses can be prevented. Our global investigations represent the most far-reaching, comprehensive services available.


If your business wants to take legal action against grey market schemes then you will need the most comprehensive evidence and information available. Law enforcement officials are often too busy dealing with the import of drugs, dangerous goods and even pirated products to pay much attention to grey market sales. This is why you need GCS on your side, as we have the global resources to thoroughly investigate the entire supply chain in the sales of grey market goods. If your business is suffering significant losses, our investigators will apply their skills and expertise to the identification of the perpetrators and the supply chain. We can then advise you on the most appropriate actions to take.


GCS understands that your reputation is a valuable asset, which is why we always conduct our investigations with the utmost professionalism and ethics.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer them. If you would like to receive a free quote for our grey market investigations please click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page to get started.

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