Your brand is the identity of your company.

If this brand is tarnished through things like fraud, piracy and counterfeit it can do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. This is why GCS offers brand protection services that aim to maintain the reputation and quality of your brand and reputation.

GCS Risk brand protection services keep your brand protected

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Your intellectual property and copyrights are just as valuable as physical assets and in some cases, even more so. In fact, protecting these intangible assets is a crucial part of the long-term viability and success of your business. GCS will use its global reach, resources and the latest software systems to ensure your intellectual property and copyrights are protected.


The practice of making “knock off” replications of well-known and high-end designer brands has long been prevalent, particularly in the countries of Southeast Asia. Counterfeit products not only cost a business in lost revenue, but also damage their reputation by putting inferior products on the market that bear their logo or name. GCS can be a valuable international partner that can investigate cases of suspected counterfeiting and even offer legal advice on how to pursue the offenders.


Grey market goods are genuine branded products that are imported through unauthorized channels. Grey market products can have a drastic effect on the profits of legitimate businesses. GCS will target the entire supply chain and gather important information that will give you the ammunition you need to stop grey market activity.

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Gcs will investigate the facts to discover the truth.

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